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a partner for Sport and Fitness

It is a proven fact, that more and more sportsmen and women, both dedicated professionals and amateurs alike or those just wishing to improve their performance for recreation or fitness are turning to hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent partner in helping improve performance, motivation, focus and removing mental blocks in all fields of sport, by retraining the subconscious to act more positively and let go of old, negative patterns.  For example, for an otherwise excellent footballer who misses a vital penalty after previously never missing, is enough to hit the ‘failure’ button in his subconscious and from that moment on, no matter how hard he ‘tries’, each time he goes to take a penalty, his subconscious will automatically remember the one he should have scored but missed; in other words, he has become programmed to fail and each failure he has, reinforces the last one in his mind.  This same very human response affects a great number of people whatever their chosen sport whether it be soccer, swimming, rowing, tennis, athletics, boxing, golf and any other sport or fitness programme you may care to mention.

Over many years now, I have very successfully helped both men and women of all ages, either individually or in teams, improve their performance and reach their full potential whether it be at recreational, club, national, commonwealth, or world level.

Whether you are one of the above or someone just wishing to get fit and improve your health but lack the motivation and commitment to either get started or once having started, keep it up, I most certainly can help you.