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Stop smoking in one hour?

Your motives to stop smoking may well be for example, health reasons, the well-being of your children, the ever rising cost or that like so many smokers nowadays; you are simply tired of being made to feel a social outcast.  However, having decided that you want to stop smoking is one thing, but as is so often the case, you may lack the will power to go it alone – maybe you are among the multitude of people who in the past, have tried practically every method to stop and then just one whiff of someone else’s cigarette or a stressful situation - before you know it - you are back on that old treadmill of stop/start once more.  This may then eventually lead you to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, frustration and the idea that you’ll never be able to stop in spite of your best intentions and efforts - so where do you go from here?

The success of a person stopping smoking has nothing to do with how much they have been smoking or how long they have been doing it.  Providing you are really committed to stop smoking once and for all, by using my method of hypnotherapy, stopping smoking and remaining a non-smoker, completely and permanently, could never be easier because I tailor your one- off session specifically to your own needs and motivations for stopping:  in other words, your stop smoking session is unique to you, maximising your chances of success.

We begin by discussing those needs and motivations which are then incorporated into the hypnotherapy part of your session.  You are then progressively relaxed using hypnosis. Whilst in that very pleasant, relaxed state, we work on those difficult times, those cravings, your own personal motivations for stopping and replace smoking with very positive feelings of well-being and boost your will power like never before.  You also take away with you my very simple and extremely useful guidelines to follow, which have been proven over and over again, to really help those initial stages of being a non-smoker by reinforcing all the positive aspects of your Stop Smoking session until it becomes as natural for you to be a non-smoker as ever it was to be a smoker – in fact, you may even start to wonder why or how you ever smoked previously.  Using this method to stop smoking also minimises the risk of putting on weight because you will have substituted smoking with those very positive feelings of well-being, pride and achievement, rather than that often dreaded replacement of overeating to bridge the gap - another reason why people often start smoking again.

And that is all there is to it…

In the unlikely event that this method is not suitable for you because your smoking is not just a habit but a symptom of some other, deeper anxiety, then my more in-depth, Analytical Hypnotherapy to eradicate the cause & effect, may well be the answer for you.  This is of course, something we would discuss when we initially make contact.

I am an Accredited Practitioner with CRSST Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists