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For many years now I have been helping organisations via their Human Resources or directly through enlightened managers, get the very best out of the people they employ.  I work with company personnel either in groups or on a one-to one basis, ensuring that both Company and Employee gain the most from the working relationship.  The results are a win-win situation; by helping a valued employee reach his or her full potential, the employee achieves and maintains far greater job satisfaction, with all the resulting personal benefits, and the Employer profits via increased productivity, creativity,  leadership, etc., along with being able to promote or move staff from within rather than having to constantly go through the lengthy and costly exercise of recruiting externally to get the right person for the job.

In today’s pressured working environment there is more work related stress than ever before, particularly in those fields such as IT, emergency services, medical, finance and civil service, etc.  There is also more opportunity for people to accelerate to higher levels within an organisation, which whilst being a very positive thing, can bring about its own stresses.  Because we live in a very competitive age of ever improving and evolving technology for example, it isn’t always easy for even the most dynamic and capable of employees to keep up and feel in control.  Deadlines, goals, margins and targets have to be met and very often at a price to a key worker’s physical or mental health.  In some situations, those same people are more often than not, the ones most reluctant to ask for help for fear of being perceived as not being able to cope and if they or their employer are not careful, will burn out or consider leaving due to the pressure.  

The enlightened companies that I work with realise that many of the people they employ are often juggling home and children along with a demanding and challenging career which in itself can cause stress.  These same companies don’t wait until a crisis occurs within the work-place or for someone of key importance to quit because they are finding it difficult to cope with new challenges, rather, they actively offer and encourage my hypnotherapy as part of their ongoing employer/employee benefit schemes.  

Through the use of hypnosis, I work with both teams and/or individuals in addressing and resolving specific areas of stress, confidence building and many other issues, often helping them to release blocks which for example may stop them from progressing because they feel they are lacking in good management or interpersonal skills, or are perhaps too nervous to make good presentations - even when they are fantastic at their job. Some may have a fear of flying making company air travel a major difficulty for them.  There are a multitude of possible hurdles that cause work/employee frustration, dissatisfaction and unhappiness, but they can almost always be resolved bringing about very positive and lasting benefits to all concerned. 
Something else which is currently of key importance is the non-smoking issue.  Many of the companies that I currently work with are finding that since the smoking ban, employees who are smokers are more stressed, take more time out sick and are functioning less productively because they are unable to smoke at work and have no successful tools to hand, to help them stop the habit.  I have helped many hundreds of people over the years to very successfully stop smoking completely and permanently – another benefit for both employer and employee.