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Chronic Pain Management

Managing pain at any level can be distressing but managing long-term, ongoing, Chronic Pain, can have any number of other psychological side effects, such as acute lethargy, lack of good quality sleep, anxiety, stress, tension and depression to name but a few:  In addition, there can also be a feeling of lack of control.  All of these side-effects, can then inhibit the positive benefits of a person’s prescribed medication and/or other medical treatments being received.  With any ongoing pain, whether it be great or small, I would always strongly advocate visiting your GP in the first instance so that a correct diagnosis can be made and where appropriate, medication administered.

There are of course, many causes for ongoing Chronic Pain, whether it be resulting from a serious injury or chronic conditions such as Migraine, Arthritis, Polymyalgia and Fibromyalgia which all require a person to be in the best possible emotional frame of mind in order that they may get the very most out of their medical treatment thus allowing them to live as normal a life as possible and stay as well both mentally and physically, as they can. 

With my wealth of experience and the techniques that I use, having myself, been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia following a spinal injury a number of years ago, I am fully aware of how debilitating having Chronic Pain day in and day out can be and whilst I would never claim to be able to cure a person’s Chronic condition or illness, I have however, been able to help many people over the years, to achieve that all important, positive state of mind that they will need to put them mentally in control of their condition or illness, rather than it taking control of them.  In other words: Beat the negative feelings and don’t be beaten by them.........

To learn more about how, in conjunction with any possible medical treatments you may be receiving, I can help you to manage the negative side-effects of Chronic Pain whether it be any one of the above mentioned or of another cause, please either telephone or email me at the number/address given on my Home Page.