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Hypnotherapy for Children

Many people believe that stress is a disease exclusive to adults and may concede that children who have been maltreated are also susceptible; but nothing could be further from the truth.

Even children who come from a perfectly stable background with loving parents and kind teachers, put themselves under enormous pressure to achieve at home, at school and in a social environment, which can result in problems such as bedwetting, nail biting, eating, social and behavioral disorders, learning difficulties, chronic shyness, stammering, facial tics and even allergies such as asthma and eczema can be triggered by stress, to name but a few.

Because of their natural responsiveness, children make excellent subjects for hypnotherapy and the success rate in resolving many psychological and physiological ailments, such as those mentioned above, is fast (usually just one treatment) and extremely effective, with lasting results.

The hypnotherapy technique used at The Crowther Centre, is simply called ‘The Blow Away’ and is suitable for children who’s ages range from as young as five to sixteen years.  A slightly more in-depth programme for older teenagers is also available, which is especially useful in helping combat the pressures of study/examinations, leaving home for the first time to enter university, driving tests and peer pressure, etc.

When a child is nicely relaxed using hypnosis, he/she is taken on a journey into their own imagination – much like being told a story in the case of the younger children – where they are asked to simply ‘blow away’ their problems.  Once learned, this invaluable technique is one which they can use by themselves, if and when necessary.

Treatment lasts approximately one hour and is personalised to meet each child’s individual needs.  Therefore, a little background on the child and their interests is required prior to the day of the treatment.  A short questionnaire will be sent to you once an appointment has been arranged.

It is obligatory that a parent or legal guardian is present (for children under sixteen) during the treatment.  The reason for this is quite simple; it is in the child’s interest not to be questioned afterwards as to what happened during the session and if the parent/guardian is present, there will be no reason for any such questions.